Pakistan Textile Council

Shahid Soorty

Shahid Soorty is the Managing Director of Soorty Enterprises – a vertically-integrated denim company. His experience spans over three decades as he grew his company from a small shop to a global textiles behemoth spanning Pakistan, Bangladesh and Turkey. Shahid is passionate to see Pakistan emerge as the global leader in textiles and apparels with special focus on product quality, innovation and sustainability. Shahid has served as a strong voice for the enhancement of exports at PRGMEA. He currently serves as Managing Director at Soorty Enterprises, CEO NASDA Green Energy, Member of Pakistan’s Task Force on Textile Policy and part of The Citizen’s Foundation’s Board of Governors. Recently, Shahid has led Soorty’s diversification through a 50 MW wind power project, as well as major investments in Pakistan’s only aluminum can manufacturing plant and industrial gas manufacture company. Shahid feels deeply for his community and his philanthropic ventures include building the country’s first industrial-outreach program for women employment, working to design and sponsor the training of Persons with Disabilities for industrial occupations, building schools and hospitals with TCF, Indus Hospital, NICH, JPMC and SINA Foundation.