Pakistan Textile Council

About PTC

Pakistan Textile Council (PTC) is a not-for-profit public limited company set up to serve as a research, advocacy and impact acceleration platform for the Pakistan textile and apparel sector. Our mission is to help shape a path of sustainable growth for Pakistan’s textile and apparel sector, and deliver economic and societal impact, putting Pakistan first.

PTC aims to put on the table key topics for sustainable development of Pakistan’s textile sector – bringing together relevant stakeholders, establishing key facts, and facilitating effective decision-making at home and abroad.  PTC aspires to help shape a new path and narrative for Pakistan’s textile sector and to support the government in formulating globally comparable medium- and long-term policies, with the following objectives:

  • Enable increased local and foreign investment in growth, innovation and sustainability in the textile and apparel industry – making Pakistan a sourcing destination of choice
  • Generate employment and sustenance with decent work standards and gender equality thereby contributing to desirable economic and social development outcomes
  • Make Pakistan textile and apparel sector internationally competitive and globally compliant to spur textile and apparel exports, generating valuable foreign exchange and contributing to a stable, sustainable and prosperous future for Pakistan

PTC aims to work on industry level topics with key stakeholders of the textile and apparel sector in Pakistan and overseas, i.e., Government of Pakistan and its relevant arms, concerned domestic and multilateral agencies/institutions, foreign governments, NGOs and trade bodies, international buyers and related bodies, industry analysts, research bodies, media, etc.

PTC aspires to serve the entire textile and apparel value chain, end-to-end (from fiber to finished products and back, including recycling), across all layers (large players and SMEs). 

Textiles is the largest export sector for Pakistan and a key engine for our economy. PTC has been established and is sponsored by the below mentioned 28 of the largest, most progressive textile and apparel manufacturers in Pakistan. Our constituents collectively represent ~ 18% of Pakistan’s total exports and approximately 28% of its textile and apparel exports. We will ‘put Pakistan first’ and contribute towards achieving Pakistan’s economic and societal goals.

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