Pakistan Textile Council

PTC Members

PTC has been established and is sponsored by 28 top textile companies in Pakistan, which are most progressive textile and apparel manufacturers in Pakistan

Akhtar Textile Industries Pvt. ltd

Akhtar Textiles Industries was founded in 1985 for manufacturing and exporting textile products. The company setup it’s new jeans/casual trousers manufacturing unit, which was a first totally automated unit in South Asia, in 1998. This factory is equipped with state-of-the-art computer-controlled machines based on advanced technology for the making of denim jeans and khakis. Beginning with an initial capacity of 5,000 pcs per day, the company today is making 35,000 pcs per day with an annual sale of ~USD 55 Million.

Artistic Denim Mills

Artistic Denim Mills is a vertical set-up and one of the key players for bringing innovations unique to the denim industry since 1993. As a vertical set-up it provides “speed to market” and produces premium denim fabrics and garments for high-end customers all over the globe.

Over the years, ADM has dedicated itself to creating an optimized facility. It is at the forefront of sustainability by using eco-friendly raw materials and processes such as ozone, laser, green chemicals, recycled water, recycled cotton, recycled polyester, organic cotton and sustainable viscose.

Artistic Denim’s onsite energy generation through solar helps it offset its carbon footprint. Water treatment and recycling is done to maintain quality and cleanliness to the environment. ADM is also working on ZDHC program and committed to eliminating hazardous chemicals from its production waste.

Al-Karam Textile Mills (Pvt.) Limited

The Al-Karam Textile Mills was founded in March 1986 with a vision to be a provider of innovative textile solutions worldwide. Al-Karam is a manufacturer and supplier of distinguished fabric for apparel, home and industrial markets with clients all over the world. With a constructed area of over one million square feet, Al-Karam has the capacity to fulfill small, medium and large scale orders and is one of the few vertically integrated operations in Pakistan. The company’s global reach, breadth of product offerings, and multichannel distribution makes it a unique player in the textile industry, globally, and in Pakistan.

As a textile industry leader, Al-Karam Textile Mills over the years has grown more conscious of its ecological impact. The organizations allegiance to rationalize sustainability, social responsibility and environmental conservation by investing inordinately on energy efficient power generation projects, better cotton initiatives, water recycling and effluent treatment plants, chemical efficient processes and reduction of carbon emission from the factory is a testament to its commitment to environmental protection.

Al Karam Towel Industries (Pvt.) Ltd

Al Karam Towel Industries  is a family owned and professionally managed industry since 1986. The company manufactures and exports terry products under highly-equipped technology and machines. With a team of intellectual individuals and innovative employees, the company has a revenue crossing over US $107 Million.

Al Karam Towels Industries has 1,100 Power loom machines (the highest in Pakistan). It has 42 Shuttle machines and 60 Toyota Air jet looms having production capacity of 62 million lbs. / annum. Al Karam Towels Industries   prides itself in its versatility, innovation, diversity and competitive pricing. It strives for continuous improvements and is committed to environmental and social sustainability.

Al Rahim Textile Industries Ltd

Established in 1991, Al Rahim Textile Industries is a family-owned leading home textile manufacturer and exporter from Pakistan with a modern, state of the art plant & machinery to produce quality products including towels, bedding and kitchen linens. It is one of the largest air jet terry weaving, yarn dyed & jacquard towel capacities in Pakistan with an annual capacity of 40 Million pounds of finished terry towels.

Constructed over an area of 38 acres of land near Karachi, the mill has a vertically integrated setup, and its own independent power plant, that allows all production within the premises. With safety and social compliances a top priority, the management has taken all possible precautions for health & safety while also protecting the environment.

The company also invests in research and development (R&D) expertise which greatly supports its customers in developing bestselling products.

With a comprehensive product range, and by exporting to world renowned companies, Al Rahim Textile Industries has developed a strong customer base which is the company’s greatest asset. The company believes in having a long-term relationship with its customers and relies on both quality and on-time delivery to ensure customer satisfaction. Al-Rahim Textile Industries has valid certificates for its products and facilities and is periodically audited by internationally recognized certification bodies including Oeko Tex 100, BSCI Sedex etc.

Arshad Group

Arshad Group is one of the pioneer textile groups of Pakistan, operating in the national and international textile markets for more than six decades. The group comprises of Arshad Textile Mills (Spinning), Arshad Corporation (Weaving, Dyeing & Stitching) and Arshad Energy Ltd. The group was started by Haji Muhammad Ishaq and his four sons, who initially established a number of ginning mills in 1954 and set up their first yarn trading company.

Arshad Group ventured into the international market by commencing exports in 1968 and, owing to the enhanced universal requirements, the first textile mill was established in 1973. Taking its first flight as a small ginning operation, its fourth generation is now operating the Group. Arshad Group is recognized and appreciated worldwide for its flawless credibility, professional excellence, high standard of ethical business dealings and the most valuable premium quality products.

Artistic Garments industries (AGI Denim) (Private) Limited

AGI Denim is a vertically integrated company with a large scale operation based across 17 factories in Karachi, Pakistan. It produces quality products through research and innovation by deploying advanced automation technologies, sustainable processes and engaging proficient local and foreign experts throughout the production process.

AGI’s commitment to sustainability includes actively investing in energy & water efficient machinery, resulting in four of its factories being LEED-Certified. It is recycling and reusing water as it aims to become the first freshwater neutral company. AGI has also made investments in renewable energy and installed solar panels to reduce its carbon footprint.

Women empowerment is embedded in AGI Denim’s roots as more than 35% of its workforce comprises female workers. It has ensured gender parity through women representation across all managerial levels of the company. In addition, AGI has collaborated with its brand partners to roll out women empowerment and skill enhancement programs to help them achieve financial stability and become productive members of society.

Crescent Bahuman

Crescent Bahuman, Pakistan’s first vertically integrated denim facility was inaugurated in 1995. Since then, CBL – as it’s lovingly known in the industry – has gone from strength to strength by creating an ecofriendly environment that enables its most important resources, our people, to develop and deliver to the satisfaction of our clientele.

With over 25 years of experience in handling the blue fabric we have all come to know and love, CBL’s shade is definitely deep, dark, pure indigo.

CBL is proud to be providing clothing for more than 12 million people annually. As always, with such a large stake in global fashion, comes great responsibility. This sense of responsibility is creatively engineered into our products and processes to ensure that our customers are given tangible results that reemphasize our commitment to the planet and our environment.

Artistic Milliners Private Limited

Artistic Milliners is a global denim powerhouse with a strong focus on automation, innovation, research, people and planet. With a legacy of more than 70 years, Artistic Milliners is a multi-faceted, vertically integrated denim and garment manufacturer with dedicated spinning, denim and garment manufacturing. Headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan, Artistic Milliners has a growing global presence in Dubai and the United States.

The company embraces sustainability at all levels: climate action, water conservation, circular economy, gender equity and workers’ wellbeing. The company recycles 85 percent of water in all its major mills and laundries and has installed solar panels for clean energy production. Artistic Milliners’ has the highest-rated LEED platinum facility in Pakistan and also earned the country’s first FairTrade certification in the denim sector.

The company’s investment in sustainable cotton, Milliner Cotton, is a holistic project that aims at addressing scalability, traceability and women empowerment across the cotton supply chain. Its renewable energy venture, Artistic Energy, supplies 100 MW of clean energy to Pakistan’s grid, providing electricity to more than 50,000 households in underdeveloped communities.

Artistic Milliners was named the UN SDG Pioneer for Gender Equality and Decent Work in 2019. The Financial Times named Artistic Milliners a Global Champion of Women in Business. The company was also profiled by the World Bank Group’s IFC organization in its Advancing Women in Business Leadership & Management case study. Following IFC’s Guidelines, Artistic Milliners is implementing family friendly policies for its employees.

Artistic Milliners’ sustainability initiatives are supported by brand partners across the globe. The company and its customers have worked together on programs such as the Workers’ Wellbeing Initiative; the PACE program; and the Carbon Leadership initiative; as well as Pakistan’s first post-consumer waste fabric production in 2014.

Feroze1888 Mills Limited

Feroze1888, established in the 1970s, is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of specialised Yarn & Terry products. A partner of 1888 Mills (USA), Feroze 1888 is recognised as a progressive and global manufacturer of quality textiles for home, hospitality and healthcare.

With state of the art machinery, strong systems and procedures and exceptionally skilled human capital, Feroze1888 ensures high standards and deliver excellence. Feroze 1888 is ISO 9001:2015 certified which corroborates its commitment towards quality in all aspects.

Feroze1888 lives by the motto of 3Ps: People, Planet and Prosperity. Following a Triple Bottom Line method, it thrives to lead the market with its innovative and customer friendly products, creating a safe work environment and contributing in the economy with exports and career opportunities for our fellow citizens.

Fazal Cloth Mills Limited

Fazal Cloth Mills was incorporated in Pakistan in 1966 and is engaged in manufacturing and sale of yarn and fabric. The manufacturing facilities are located at Fazal Nagar, Jhang Road, Muzaffargarh and Qadirpur Rawan Bypass, Khanewal Road, Multan in the province of Punjab.

The company has annual sales exceeding USD 327.60 Million, primarily from exports. At present, the company owns and operates 8 Spinning units comprising 252,564 Spindles and 3,660 Open End Rotors and 888 MVS Spindles installed and Air-jet Picanol 224 Looms. All units have captive Gas Fired Power Generation with a capacity of 49.85MW, and are equipped with state of the art equipment. It also produces certified SUPIMA, ORGANIC, GIZA, BCI, Cleaner Cotton, LYCRA, USA Cotton MVS Melange Yarns and Fabric.

The company employs more than 5,700 people. Investment in human resource development is an integral part of the Company’s Business Plan. Strict attention is placed on environmental concerns and plants are regularly inspected to ensure compliance of relevant environmental regulations.

Gul Ahmed

Since its listing on the Karachi Stock Exchange in 1970, Gul Ahmed has been making rapid progress and enjoying a leading position in the world of textiles. It has an installed capacity of more than 51,840 spindles, 300 state-of-the-art weaving machines and most modern yarn dyeing, processing & stitching units, Gul Ahmed is a composite unit – making everything from cotton yarn to finished products. Gul Ahmed has its own captive power plant comprising of gas engines, gas & steam turbines, and backup diesel engines. Believing in playing its role in protecting the environment, Gul Ahmed has also set up a waste water treatment plant to treat 100% of its effluent, bringing it to NEQS levels.

Gul Ahmed is playing a vital role not only as a textile giant, but has its strong presence in the retail business as well. The opening of its flagship store – Ideas by Gul Ahmed– marked the group’s entry into the retail business. Starting from Karachi, Gul Ahmed now has an extensive chain of more than 40 retail stores across the country, offering a diverse range of products from home accessories to fashion clothing.More than 50 years since its inception, the name Gul Ahmed is still globally synonymous ith quality, innovation & reliability.

Indus Home Limited

Indus Home began its journey in 2006 with aim to be the leader in Specialized Yarn & Textile Terry products, it is part of Indus Group that has been operating in textile manufacturing since last six decades. With an ever-growing customer base around the world, we ensure our mills are most technologically advanced and fully automated to offer most premium quality of towels/terry products to our esteemed customers.

Interloop Limited

Interloop, headquartered in Pakistan, is a vertically integrated multi-category manufacturer producing hosiery products, denim, knitwear & seamless apparel for top international brands and retailers, endeavoring to become the partner of choice.

The largest listed textile company on Pakistan Stock Exchange by market capitalization and second largest exporter of Pakistan, Interloop limited employs over 26,000 highly motivated and engaged employees from 15 different nationalities, including 1,500+ females. It enjoys an organizational network spread across 3 continents, with a well-equipped industrial infrastructure based in Pakistan and Sri Lanka, and marketing services in USA, Europe & Japan.

Recognized globally as a responsible partner with deep relationships with global brands and retailors, Interloop has an annual capacity to produce 700 million pairs of socks, 12 million pcs of Denim apparel, 15 million pcs of Knitwear, 1.5 million pcs of seamless active wear (with plans to expand to 4.5 million pcs/year by 2023) and 26 million kgs of yarn.

Interloop is passionate about the products it makes while being responsible stewards of the resources used. As a result, almost 50% of its raw materials is derived from sustainable sources and it has increased the use of organic cotton by 400% since 2016.

Kohinoor Textile Mills Limited

Kohinoor Textile comprises of two spinning divisions located at Rawalpindi (KTML) and Gujar Khan (KGM). There are a total of nine units with 151,000 spindles capable of spinning a complete range of coarse and fine count yarn from natural and man-made fibers. Kohinoor specializes in fine count yarn for high thread count home textile products, with a total production capacity of 28,800,000 lbs of yarn per annum.

Kohinoor’s divisions are equipped with modern facilities and state of the art machinery from Europe and Japan. The company is a leading consumer of American Pima cotton and a member of the Supima Association of America.

The dyeing range at Kohinoor is designed for continuous dyeing. The pre-treatment, dyeing and printing ranges are fully automated with online monitoring systems to increase productivity and efficiency with the minimization of idle machine time, greater quality control and the reduction of costs in order to remain competitive

Liberty Mills Limited

Liberty Mills located in the industrial heart of Karachi, Pakistan, was established in 1964. From humble beginning, it is today one of the largest textile processing and production unit in Karachi, Pakistan with a production capacity of about 500,000 square meters of fabric per day. The entire production is exported directly and indirectly to customers which include vendors of internationally recognized brands, departmental stores and mail order firms.

Mahmood Group

Mahmood Group has been in the textile business for the last 86 years and holds the reputation of producing utmost quality textile with farm to fabric inhouse setup: Cotton Fields, Ginning, Spinning, Weaving and Home Textiles & now Apparel, the company ranks among the top 10 exporters of Pakistan with a turnover of US $600M. A group that focuses on creating value for stakeholders and giving back to society, Mahmood Group has a strategically aligned sustainability framework with the diversified chain of businesses starting from vertically integrated textile, tannery set-up to power, food, trading, and real estate industries.

MG Apparel, a new flagship project of Mahmood Group has been conceived with the notion to create premium quality trousers in a space that is dominated by a women workforce and strives to operate on innovative and digitized solutions under industry 4.0 guidelines. This began with a need to cultivate the untapped potential in the country for socio-economic upgrading whilst creating a framework built on sustainability and an eco-friendly environment. While branching out the existing business was a definite motivator, creating employment opportunities in South Punjab one greener step at a time was the main driving force behind the creation of MG Apparel.

Masood Textile Mills Limited

Masood Textile Mills, established in 1984, is one of the largest vertically integrated knitted garments manufacturing facility in Pakistan. An environmentally conscious organisation, Masood, leads in creating, developing and manufacturing of knitted apparel products from basic to highly fashioned garments by adopting creative approaches in Product Engineering & Process Optimization. In 2022, the company recorded exports at US$ 255 Million. Its manufacturing prowess ranges from Spinning-160,000 LBS / day to 9 million pcs / month.

The company has 22,000 highly motivated and engaged employees including 6,000 female employees and has blazed the trail for women empowerment and recognized so. Acknowledged globally as a responsible partner with deep relationships with global brands and retailers, Masood’s reputation for ethical and sustainable business practices is accredited and respected by its customers and the community at large. Masood is committed to a sustainable future and to improving the socio-economic and environmental wellbeing of its employees and community at large.

Masood Roomi

Masood Roomi, previously operating under the umbrella of Mahmood Group, is a multifaceted business conglomerate founded by Khawaja Muhammad Masood in 1946.

For decades, Masood Roomi has prided itself on its legacy of trust, empowerment via responsibility and excellence through novelty, producing value for stakeholders and giving back to society through several social causes. Masood Roomi has successfully built a diversified, modern and premier set-up of vertically integrated textile, power generation and real estate development businesses.

The business model and practices are embedded in strong ethics, excellence, diversity and innovation that have led the company to establish a global presence. In 2021, Masood Roomi’s massive contribution to the country’s economy was recognized when the company was ranked amongst the “Top 25 Exporters” of Pakistan.

Midas Safety

Midas Safety has the passion, expertise and experience in leading the way to provide best in class hand protection and personal protection equipment for businesses around the world. Our safety solutions can be tailor-made for unique work environments and for applications across many industries. We are committed to ensuring all our products are tested against and exceed all applicable global compliance standards. We have streamlined our operations and developed robust vertical integrations to allow our partners to benefit from quick turn-around times. We believe in complete transparency with all our stakeholders and ensure that all social and environmental commitments get fulfilled.

Mustaqim Dyeing & Printing Industries (Pvt) Ltd

Mustaqim Dyeing & Printing has been reinventing itself to keep abreast with the changing trends in the textile industry. It has ultra-modern facilities which are a modern citadel of technological excellence. Its core business philosophy is to provide the best products that meet the needs and requirements of customers. Mustaqim has been working in various industries by using a robust business philosophy that focuses on quality, trust, reliability, and innovation. It has become a pioneer in synthetic textiles with brands “Gatron” and “Novatex” that now standout as symbols of its excellence, commitment, and leadership.

Its mission is to be an enterprise that is acclaimed for its products and services among peers and customers alike. These strategic objectives are achieved through the presence of a skilled, trained, and professional workforce that allows Mustaqim to achieve business excellence. Mustaqim also strives to focus on using sophisticated technology and innovative business strategies to forge long term relationships with its customers.

Naveena Exports Limited

Naveena Group is a rapidly expanding conglomerate of companies dedicated to the business of progress and sustainability. Having begun its journey in 1971, the group’s global footprint extends across denim, spinning, property development, steel and power. Within textiles, Naveena Group specializes in the manufacturing of premium yarn and denim fabrics through its companies Naveena Denim Mills (established in Karachi in 2003) and Naveena Denim Lahore (established in 2006). In addition, Naveena Group established its spinning unit in 2010 around its core business principles of unparalleled quality and innovation, and is constantly seeking the ultimate union of form and function by creative engineering.

Nishat Chunian Limited

Established in 1990 with a single spinning mill, Nishat Chunian Limited (NCL) has grown to a vertically integrated company with annual sales of PKR 35 billion in FY 2020. NCL is providing a variety of raw materials and finished goods to a broad range of customers and brands globally. Major retailers and brands include West Elm, Bed Bath & Beyond, Pottery Barn, Marks & Spencer, Ralph Lauren, Ted Baker, Macy’s, and Martha Stewart. In 2014, to cope with escalating energy demand, NCL set up a captive power plant that supplies uninterrupted power to all the units. NCL entered the local and international Home Textiles retail market in 2016 with the launch of The Linen Company in Pakistan and Sweave Bedding in the USA respectively.

Nishat Mills Limited

Nishat Mills is the flagship company of Nishat Group. It was established in 1951. It is one of the most modern, largest vertically integrated textile companies in Pakistan. Nishat Mills has 238,032 spindles, 794 Toyota air jet looms. The Company also has the most modern textile dyeing and processing units, two stitching units for home textile, two stitching units for garments and Power Generation facilities with a capacity of 130 MW. The Company’s total export for the year 2018 was Rs. 38.862 billion (US$ 353.03 million). Due to the application of prudent management policies, consolidation of operations, a strong balance sheet and an effective marketing strategy, the growth trend is expected to continue in the years to come. The Company’s production facilities comprise of spinning, weaving, processing, stitching and power generation.

Premium Textile Mills

Premium Textile Mills has grown from a textile company to a diverse business spanning garment manufacturing, and trading. With sustainability at their core, they prioritize eco-friendly yarn production in partnership with CYCLO® and operate an Industry 4.0 & USGB LEED Certified unit. Their dedication to environmental impact and social enterprise has fueled innovation for over 30 years.

Rajby Industries

Rajby was founded in 1972 by (Late) Sultan Ahmed as a manufacturer of traditional Pakistani clothing, and soon switched gears to debut in the denim industry. Rajby takes pride in its legacy that is based on 40 years of commitment, quality, and customer trust. It currently produces 3.2 million meters of denim fabric and 1.5 million garments each month, employing >14,000 people.

Today, Rajby is known for its vertically integrated set-up that caters to all processes from manufacturing, fabric, to the final garment, and is one of the premium players in the Denim Textile and Apparel industry of Pakistan. With a strong global presence and partnerships with top garment behemoths globally, Rajby has succeeded in living up to its legacy.

Stylers International Limited

Stylers International is a Lahore based denim manufacturer, built from the ground up as a mission-driven social enterprise that seeks to harness the power of fashion and denim to create a world worth living in.With roots in the fashion and denim industry since 1975, Stylers International is now one of Pakistan’s top manufacturers of high quality denim and non-denim wear for leading brands across the globe demanding more sustainable supplies.

Currently, Stylers International is shipping more than 10 million garments annually, and empowering a local workforce of more than 6000 people,and prides itself in creating products that are creative, meticulous and timeless.

Sapphire Finishing Mills Limited

Sapphire Finishing Mills (SFML) is a symbol of quality and excellence since its inception in 2003. Created with a motive to empower the textile industry of Pakistan and drive the industry with technology and innovation, it’s manufacturing plants are backed by state-of-the-art textile machinery and technology, capable of catering to the global textile and apparel needs with perfection and diligence.

There is a team of skilled and seasoned industry experts handling the operations at SFML. The continual research and development, constant focus on quality, and service delivery as per the customers’ needs make SFML stand out. Using its commendable supply chain network and inventory management capabilities, the company has managed to cater to the needs of all sorts of ecosystems. Our reach is global and our solutions are excellence-driven. As we adhere to the industry’s acceptable manufacturing procedures and use sustainable raw materials, we are fostering healthy work ethics in the textile and apparel industry by setting an example for others.

Soorty Enterprises (Pvt.) Ltd.

Soorty Enterprises is a family of engineers and designers who are passionate about creating denim that makes people look and feel good by imbuing its core values of innovation, design and sustainability. Believing that sustainable denim needs to be manufactured at scale, Soorty is using its comprehensive vertically integrated infrastructure spanning Pakistan, Turkey and Bangladesh to do just that. The company offers LEED certified production in cost-leading countries Pakistan and Bangladesh, a co-creation development facility in the hub of denim innovation Turkey, and design centers in the denim fashion hubs of the world – New York and Amsterdam. It has developed a strong foothold in European and US markets, producing for high street as well as premium brands in these regions.

Soorty Enterprises is the only company to have LEED Platinum and Cradle2Cradle Gold certification across both its denim fabric mill and garment factory, and uses its extensive factory floors as spaces for social change: from inducting hearing-impaired individuals through its Prism Project to using a traveling street theater to sensitize male members of under-privileged households to the benefits of female employment.

Style Textile (Pvt) Ltd

Founded in 1992, Style Textile is a Lahore based textile and apparel manufacturer. It is engaged in innovation, manufacturing and providing of end-to-end apparel solutions to partners such as Adidas, Hurley, Levi’s, Nike, Reebok and Tom Tailor amongst other renowned global brands. Styles Textiles is the largest exporter in 2021, with exports of USD 429 Million.

Style employs a large multi-functional workforce in its facilities that are located around Lahore. The fully vertically integrated facilities help give the organization the infrastructure, knowledge, logistics and speed to meet the shortest possible lead times that are the need of present day customers. Style’s reputation for ethical and sustainable business practices is acknowledged and respected by its customers and the community at large.

US Apparel & Textiles (Pvt.) Ltd

US Apparel is a Lahore -based company supplying fashion industry companies that need reliable quality and delivery. US Apparel constantly improves to remain state-of-the-art in all its processes and as a product innovator, so that customers can be confident in partnering with it to achieve fashion leadership.

The company built its first manufacturing facility in 1985, and quickly became Pakistan’s leading exporter of bottom-wear twills and denim. It later made the strategic choice to focus on denim, and built the most modern denim manufacturing facility possible. It designed the plant and operations to cater to the best brands’ demands in fashion denim, and to deliver value reliably. Ever since, it has kept its technology and machinery up to state of the art, investing in the best tools and bringing in industry experts to transfer the latest knowledge.

Yunus Textile Mills Limited

Yunus Textile Mills is a vertically integrated company and the largest exporter of home textile in Karachi, Pakistan. IT started as a small set up in 1962 as a fabric trading business house. Over a very short period of time, the manufacturers secured a prominent position as a leading home textile exporter based on its advanced technical support, strong infrastructure, and quality human resource. Currently, Yunus Textiles has a sales turnover of USD 1.5 Bn, and it supplies directly to majority of private and leading retail brands of USA and Europe. It is currently providing services such as DDP, Port to Door Shipment, Drop Ship, Replenishment shipment etc. to its customers.

Yunus Textile Mills is part of the Yunus Brothers Group which is a renowned conglomerate involved in different industries including textiles, medical care, real estate, energy, cement, commodity trading business, construction, FMCG, automobile and more. In this short time frame, the company has transformed itself from a supplier of basic bedding products to a world-renowned supplier of home textile products.