Pakistan Textile Council

Labor Wellbeing

Pakistan’s textile and apparel sector is committed to decent work standards for employment and supporting labor wellbeing. Our workers are at the heart of our operations, from factory staff to management, we are dedicated to creating a fair, transparent, and safe work environment for all through multiple workers’ wellbeing initiatives. Industry examples include:

No Child Labor:

  • PTC members adhere to a strict ‘No Child Labor’ policy and strongly advocate against the employment of underage staff


  • Enabling the inclusion of differently able individuals at workplaces through trainings and support
  • Developing schools and vocational trainings for the differently abled
  • Encouraging employee voluntary contribution for training of differently abled workers


  • Provision of financial aid and interest-free loans
  • Online consultations through telemedicine for primary and secondary healthcare
  • On-site healthcare facilities through partnerships with clinics


  • Provision of safety equipment including fire hydrants, designated exit points, evacuation drills etc.
  • Trainings for staff on machine, electrical and chemical safety
  • Provision of on-site accommodation and basic facilities to workers


  • Adult literacy programs
  • Book banks and libraries for workers
  • Provision of financial scholarships for children