Pakistan Textile Council

Environmental Protection / Climate Change

We believe that climate action is critical to protecting our planet and enabling a prosperous future for humankind. From water conservation and recycling, to reducing carbon emissions, to creating eco-friendly product and infrastructure designs, environmental protection is at the heart of our operations. Therefore, the industry has taken multiple initiatives to promote environmental sustainability, including:


  • Zero discharge of chemicals in environment
  • Use of ZDHC compliant chemicals
  • Minimum carbon emissions
  • Plantation drives to reverse climate change impact


  • Waste-water treatment through ETP
  • Recycling water and using recycled water for denim production
  • Use of water-efficient machinery

Recycling / Circular economy

  • Use of recycled material (recognized by Cradle-to-Cradle certifications)
  • Use of 100% BCI cotton
  • Increased transparency to trace cotton from farm to factory
  • Use of sustainable fiber including Hemp, Linen and Tencel


  • Power generation from renewable energy including solar and hydropower 
  • Use of co-generation to limit energy consumption and use exhaust energy
  • Use of energy efficient machines and buildings