Date: September 25, 2017


Plastics Technology Centre has a central mission to provide the best educational experience and industrial services for the widest possible clientele.

This mission comprises of six key elements:

1. Quality
To provide for all its students and trainees an educational experience which adds the highest possible value to their capabilities, skills and qualifications.

2. Access and Opportunity
To open up learning and employment opportunities for a wide range of non-traditional students and trainees of higher education and to provide an institution which respects diversity and values the contribution of all its members.

3. National Development
To create partnerships which support the social, cultural and economic development of the country.

4. Technical Education
To provide technical education and training in the field of polymers, with the aim to modernize the industrial infrastructure.

5. Industrial Services
To provide industrial services for improvement in productivity and economic uplift of the plastics sector.

6. Internationalism
To define and deliver a curriculum and a learning experience which acknowledge the international context within which the Centre and its students operate.


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